Minutes 9/6/12

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  •  10 IRT members present – 9 repeat attendees, and 1 new
  • Putting together a panel for the CUNY IT conference was discussed. Sonia, Collette, Shawn, and Kiersten volunteered to meet to draft a proposal; Jessie agreed to act as discussant if accepted.
  • The Commons site and blog were introduced and discussed, and some reorganization of the site was suggested:
    • An upcoming events/calendar section will be added. Some upcoming events to be added:
      • Occupy Data/Hackathon (9/28 and 9/29 in the James Gallery)
      • Jessie Daniels’s “Academia 2.0” talk on 10/1
      • Mina Rees webinars
      • NML semester meetings
      • THATCamp
    • A Zotero group will be set up, and integrated with the blog.
    • A link to the Interactive Technology and Pedagogy Program is to be added.
    • To streamline site organization, research and methods categories will be combined.
  • The JITP is looking for people to review books for technology tools, etc., and the Teaching Fails section is a potential place for individuals to share tried teaching techniques, etc.
  • There was a discussion of looking for events to co-sponsor, such as Jessie Daniels’s’talk for Women’s Studies on work in new media/methods on 11/7.
  • Jessie Daniels shared her recent video on racism online, and discussed the motivation, outcome, and future work.
  • We talked about how to utilize meetings moving forward: a mixture of presentations, open-ended discussions, and brainstorming.
  • Questions about promotion came up—FB, APOs, Twitter, etc. We want to get the word out there without reinventing the wheel or creating new social media accounts across various media. How can we utilize accounts/partners that already exist? Can we flyer for future meetings?


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