CUNYirt Update: Students Needed to Register with DSC

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CUNYirt Update: Students Needed to Register with DSC
Dear CUNYirt members and folks interested in research on/with/through the internet,
CUNYirt will be holding its next meeting very soon, so be on the look out for that. 
In the mean time GC students please make sure that you officially register on the DSC website in order to help CUNYirt going this semester. 

In order to maintain our standing we need to have 23-25 students officially registered as members of the group.

Please go to the link here:

Then click on either “login” (if you’re already a DSC web user) or “register” (if you have not been a DSC web user previously)

Once you are logged in please note us as one of the organizations you are registered for.

Or, take the following steps:

1. Log in to the DSC website (—you will need to register with the site if you are not already a member)

2. Hover over the tab on the left named “Chartered Organizations” and click on “Join/Sign Rosters”

3. Click on the name of the organization you are interested in joining. In this case, click INTERNET RESEARCH TEAM

4. Make sure you are signing on the Fall 2013 semester and click the link that says “JOIN THIS ORGANIZATION”. Fill in the requested information (no need to put “reasons”) and you are done!

If you have any questions, feel free to email us at


Micki Kaufman & Edwin Mayorga (CUNYirt co-coordinators)


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