Minutes 6/28/12

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At the first meeting of the Internet Research Team (IRT) on Thursday, June 28, we had a robust discussion covering a multitude of ideas for what to do with such a group at the GC. Following is a summary:

  • 17 people were in attendance
  • Initial introductions allowed each present participant an opportunity to share a bit of what they’re working on in their research, as well as what they might be interested in getting out of the group over the coming academic year
  • A discussion of the purpose of the group followed, including where to house the group digitally, or what purpose such a ‘housing’ would serve. OpenCUNY and the Academic Commons were raised as viable places/platforms, and the consensus was to go with the Commons, given the social-networking aspect and ease of communication between members. Amanda Licastro offered to create the group (stay tuned for notifications from her regarding logistics of said group; if you are not already a member of the Commons, please sign up here so that you may be added)
  • The following topics were discussed as possible themes for future discussions/meetings:
    • Research methods
    • Ethics
    • Resources/Tools
    • Research
    • We broke down into three smaller groups to have more thorough discussions of the above themes. The following were reported back as possible suggestions for next steps:
      • Developing a manifesto: ’13 ways of developing research’
      • Looking at journals: taking a meta-look at what is currently being published around internet research
      • Failing forward: sharing lessons learned
      • Long-distance internet research: how to deal with the loneliness of research with a screen (in contrast to researching with humans)
      • Privacy in posting: how do we decide what goes public, and why
      • Harnessing the energy of interpersonal communication: monthly brown-bag presentations
      • Research in process: presenting on both pre- and post-research processes
      • Openness: Using language of inclusivity to cast the net broadly and make sure no one feels excluded due to tech-heavy verbiage
      • Thinking about pedagogy: how do we, as educators, incorporate what we learn and discuss in the IRT in our teaching practices
      • Snowballing: rather than recreating the multitude of technology tools out there, let’s start small and build on the momentum we’ve got going, as opposed to reinventing the wheel
      • Other notes:
        • We decided to change the name of the group to IRT (as opposed to IRMG)
        • The next meeting will be held at the end of August – date TBD

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