Minutes 10/18/12

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IRT meeting minutes 10.18.12

16 present at meeting

I. Sonia’s presentation

A. Background

– Federal Funding

– Project came from ITP II course work

– Drawn from “Chat about That”

– Mobile App for HIV Risk Reduction among Young Latinas & Black Females

– HTML developed app

– Sonia Demo-ed the app

– want to provide info and geo-linked locations available near the phone user

B. Discussing the design of the study

– IRB → qualitative phase 1 →

-40 interviews, connect with community advisory that matched population of interest and 4 folks who have worked in the field.

– WIll present different scenarios to the young women in a focus group

– Questions about how could this tool be useful to you, the participants will have suggestions for you

– Phase 2 (300 Randomized clinical Trial) →

– Power analysis to determine the N.

– Participants need to have a smartphone and have to have been sexually active within the last year, both groups

– would have basic information and geolocation, and the other group would have an additional push text mechanism. question about whether or not this is enough a difference

C. Part II of the study

– Got provisional IRB approval. Has funding and wanted to help her along

– online vs in-person recruitment

– online consent process?

– Potential of anonymity

– Meeting them in person

– Sharing online

– Greg developed a website describing himself and the project

– getting secure socket layer protections

– being clear about identifying yourself, but keeping the participants anonymous

II. Greg &  Kiersten trip to Chicago (Infosocial Conference)
A. Some impressions & some ideas

– Their talk was on Fostering Participatory Research and Pedagogy in Proprietary Environments

-Presented their two dissertations,

– Impact of proprietary environment experiences on youth and teachers

– A lot of looking at Youtube, twitter, and social networking at conference, but not necessarily with a critical eye or questions of social justice

– got conf call from Association of Internet Researchers list

– Could encourage us to think about where we are presenting and thinking about putting something together ourselves

– Evan is DSC Tech and Library person, offered to support the idea of doing conference type work here.

B. Questions about arcihving websites

– Like geocities

– Maybe MLA and other associations need to require a screenshot of sites to include as part of archive.

– We should never assume that things will be there in the future.

C. Institutional Repository

– Academic Spring, having open access information

– publishers are offering opportunity to submit to the publisher and to an open repository

– CUNY students have embargoed their dissertations and not made them publicly accessible.

– institutional wide solutions that are digitial may be the way to go

– Concerns about having diissertations being sold as a text on-line

– A need for doc students being educated about how they post their work

– Example of Diss being sold:


– Another key site, Maggie pointed out:


III. Survey
– Trying to capture who is doing internet research at the GC
– Developing a survey
– Being clear about what we mean with “internet research”
– Understanding how research practices are changing with digital tools
– This will look differently across disciplines
– looking at both our own questions and understanding what we know about the GC/CUNY generally
– Trying to use various channels for promoting
– Is the survey worth the investment in time.
– But the survey might just be focused on a current snapshot and not necessarily publishable data.
– Collete and Steve, and Sonia will get together to kick around some ideas behind the survey.
– Use the provost office with the EOs to get the word out

IV. Panel at CUNY-IT conference
– Present Nov 30th (Fri) 1 pm slot, Jessie will moderate.
– New Media Lab will have a panel on developing digital tools at 9:30am on 11/30
– Institutional repositories also presenting.

Consider registering and attending: http://www.centerdigitaled.com/events/CUNY-IT-Conference-2012.html

V. Greg set up abstracts on commons

– Could also post topics
– How did people learn about the meeting?
– Some people saw the flyer? not really, but we want to think about continuing to reach out.
– Considering becoming DSC student org.
– Stephen is going to ask Polly about presenting next time.

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