Meeting Minutes IRT meeting 12/13/12

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IRT minutes 12/13/12 2-4 pm, Urban Education Lounge

Present: Jack Gieseking; Jessie Daniels; Maggie Galvin; Shawnta Smith; Joan Greenbaum; Evan Misshula; Edwin Mayorga; Andrea Ades Vasquez; Steve Brier; Stephen Klein

Co-chairs: Collette Sosnowy; Kiersten Greene

Jack Gieseking & Jessie Daniels presented on JustPublics@365, a grant-funded initiative that brings together media practitioners, academics, community leaders, policy advocates and digital activists to inspire informed public debate on issues of inequality and social justice. A primary goal is to get data to media activists working on social justice issues.

There are 4 main streams of activity:

1) Media camp (free courses for faculty and students on using technology professionally &   academically)

2) An open online course

3) 4 one week-long summits (2 each in spring & fall)

4) Knowledge Streams (podcasts, videos, etc.)

They are also interested in co-sponsoring events & supporting complimentary work

See their website for way, way more information:

There was discussion about IRT offering workshops in the future, like building personal/professional websites

Andrea described some New Media Lab (NML) student awards that are available for students who work at the NML to apply for additional funding: Dewey Digital, History and Public Health, Social Justice ($500 each); travel award $200; Digital dissertation award ($1,000) [information available at NML and on our Commons site). For more information on the NML, contact her: There is a meeting for anyone interested in learning more about producing a digital dissertation meeting (and getting funding): Monday 9 a.m. (12/17/12) in the NML. Room 7388.01

Steve announced the release of the 2nd issue of the JITP; they continue to accept rolling submissions for the blog and are eager to hear from anyone doing Internet research. They may plan some themed issues on the future and there’s a possibility that IRT could curate a section with a written introduction. Stephen added that they are most interested in completed rather than in process projects. ITP also recently put together an informational video series called “Behind the Seams” about the peer-review process & academic publishing

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